The Experiment’s the Thing, Part 2

The Experiment’s the Thing, Part 2

The equally beautiful and aggravating thing about gardens is, life goes on without you. Once you've nudged a garden in the right direction, it often will thrive with little additional work from a human. But problems also arise, whether you're ready to address them or not. I've previously alluded to big plans I had for … Continue reading The Experiment’s the Thing, Part 2


Spoonie Solidarity

Whether you call it #ME or #CFS, or think they're different illnesses-- there are #millionsmissing, and we need funding to get answers and get back to our lives. Find simple actions you can take at I stand -- er, sit -- in solidarity with other spoonies worldwide on this day of ME/CFS awareness. I don't care whether your doctor calls it … Continue reading Spoonie Solidarity

The Experiment’s the Thing

A Moulin Rouge sunflower seedling. Image: serialspecialist Stop me if you've heard this one before: my health is lousy, I'm overwhelmed with projects, but I don't know how to not challenge myself. Personally, I didn't get a liberal arts education so I could sit around being boring as fuck, watching TV, being a good little … Continue reading The Experiment’s the Thing

Gardening + Baking + Geekery Trifecta

Was Jar Jar Binks inspired by a sunflower sprout? You decide. This is a Moulin Rouge sunflower that sprouted for me today, my first sprouts of the season, with Mammoth Russian sunflowers in the background. They only took three days (compared to the 7-10 listed on the packet) to emerge, because I've kept my flats … Continue reading Gardening + Baking + Geekery Trifecta